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Winter Weather and Your Pregnancy

Colder temperatures are beginning to frost eastern North Carolina and your baby bump. This time of the year can bring some new challenges to your pregnancy, including how to stay comfortable while wearing your winter layers, as well as making sure to keep your little bundle safe. We’re bringing you some of the smartest tips for winter weather and your pregnancy.

Buy the Right Shoes

Along with winter, comes ice and snow. Make sure you invest in the right, stable pair of shoes. That means rubber-soled shoes that will give you traction while walking outside. While pregnant, your center of gravity is off and changing, so you want to make sure you have a good, solid pair of shoes.

What happens if you do slip on the ice while pregnant? Generally, your baby is very well protected inside the womb. If you are far enough along that you’ve been feeling your baby move, feeling the baby move again after the fall is a good sign that you and your little one is fine. However, if you do have concerns, call your doctor or midwife.

Stay-In and Get the Nursery Ready

Thankfully in North Carolina, we usually only see mild winters when it comes to snow and ice, but we have seen those temperatures drop. What a good time to stay in. Staying in doesn’t have to a bad thing though. You can:

  • Get ahead of the game when it comes to your nursery
  • Organize the nursery and your room
  • Catch up on your reading or watch Hallmark Christmas movies
  • Work on Christmas/Holiday cards

There are plenty of things you can find to keep you busy this winter while enjoying the warmth of your home.

Keep You and Your Skin Hydrated 

One of the worst parts of winter is the dry skin that comes with dropping temperatures. Your skin becomes especially dry in the winter, so it’s good to make sure you are drinking enough water and staying hydrated.

Hormones can also affect your skin differently during pregnancy, triggering acne for some women and dry, itchy skin for others. Keep a moisturizer with you to keep your skin hydrated and your pregnancy glow glowing.

Get a Flu Shot

While everyone should get their flu shot, it’s especially important for women who are pregnant. With your suppressed immune system, you’ll want to get all the help you can to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.  If you are in your second or third trimester it is extra important. Your doctor may also recommend you get a booster to the whooping cough vaccine, depending on when you’ve had the immunization in the past. Schedule your appointment with your doctor or midwife today.

Make sure you are also regularly washing your hands with warm water and soap. The best way to not catch any “bug” going around is by keeping your hands clean. It is also important to avoid touching your nose and mouth.

Take a Prenatal Fitness Class

There’s no better motivation to get out and get moving than to attend a class you’ve already paid for. This winter sign up for a couple classes designed for moms to be. Yoga is a great choice for women who are pregnant because it can help alleviate back pain and help you control your breathing. In our area we found some studios for you:

Winter can be a dreadful time of the year, whether you are pregnant or not, but don’t let it be. Try our helpful guide for navigating winter weather and your pregnancy to keep the season fun for you. Before you know it, Spring will be here, along with your beautiful baby.