Bladder Control & Dysfunction

Our highly trained staff and doctors can help with a wide variety of bladder control problems and bladder dysfunction

gob_restroom.jpgGreenville OB-GYN has a wide range of treatment and procedure options for women suffering from symptoms of bladder dysfunction, and our doctors have all of the urology experience necessary to care for a wide variety of issues. These symptoms include leaking, frequent or painful urination and urinary urgency. Additionally, women later in life can experience a loss in bladder control or other bladder control issues, so it's important to schedule regular visits with your doctor to aid in treating any bladder dysfunction that may develop later in life.

If you are experiencing urinary incontinence problems or you feel like you are symptomatic of a bladder control issue, please contact us to set up a visit to discuss current treatment practices and possible procedures.

Before recent advancements in the field, many bladder control problems were treated surgically. However, today’s physicians have at their disposal a wide range of less invasive treatments including biofeedback, behavior modification, medical therapy, surgery and/or a combination of these options.

Serious issues, such as severe bladder (uterine) and vaginal prolapse, require the attention and skill of knowledgeable doctors. While mild uterine prolapse can sometimes be treated by exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, it still requires regular doctor's visits to make sure steady progress is being made. Our staff have years of experience in treating these problems and are available to assist you.

A knowledgeable and experienced staff member is always available to answer any general question to may have, but please be aware that any specific advice or information will have to be given during a scheduled appointment.

If you are planning your first visit to Greenville OB-GYN, be sure to view and fill out the forms and documents and read our payment policy prior to your first visit. If you have any other general question, please contact us. We'll be happy to respond. We look forward to your visit.

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